The Holy Scriptures

  • We believe in the verbal, inherent and infallible inspired Word of God as contained in the 66 Canonical books of the Old and New Testaments.
  • We believe in the divine preservation of the words of God by means of traditional texts of the Masoretic Hebrew text for the Old Testament, and the Greek Textus Receptus.
  • We believe that the only Bible for the English-speaking world is the Authorized King James Version.
  • We reject modern textual criticism in their attempt to replace God´s holy words with the Westcott and Hort text, the Nestle-Aland text, or any other “recently discovered” Greek or Hebrew text.
  • We refuse to correct the KJV with any underlying Greek or Hebrew text, because we believe that the Translators did the most exhaustive, authoritative and enduring translational work that ever has been done, or will be done, in any version of the Bible.
  • We believe in word-for-word translating of the Received or traditional texts, also known as verbal plenary translating method, which consequently produces a version of the Bible in a foreign language that agrees with the KJV, but doesn´t contradict it.
  • We do believe that foreign translations can contain polysemy or synonyms that don´t necessarily match the KJV in the English language; however, we do not force the English words into any foreign language if it already exists.

Fundamentals of the faith

  • We believe God is a holy trinity, who created all things past and present.
  • We believe that all mankind is a fallen race, hopelessly lost in their sins and transgressions, and need salvation.
  • We believe Jesus Christ is God, and came to save sinners in the form of man by being born of a virgin, Mary, and died as the substitutionary Lamb, satisfying the justice of God which required such a sacrifice.
  • We believe Jesus Christ founded His own church while on earth.
  • We believe that as God, He arose from among the dead on the third day, and after 40 days of showing Himself to many of His disciples, ascended to Heaven and sat on the right hand side of the Father and is preparing a place for His children.
  • We believe Pentecost was the endowment of power from on high to carry out the church´s mission to preach the Gospel to every creature.
  • We believe in the efficacy of the precious blood of the Lamb which was placed on the Mercy Seat in Heaven, which secures eternal salvation for all who believe in Him.
  • We believe salvation is by grace through faith in Christ´s finished work, to the exclusion of any so called “sacramental” works, or anything else such as “speaking in tongues”, or baptism, or “persevering unto the end”.
  • We believe in a literal and eternal Heaven, the final abode of God´s saints.
  • We also believe in eternal retribution of unbelievers in a literal Hell of real fire for evermore.
  • We believe in the eternal security of the believer: “Once saved always saved”. A real Christian can lose his joy, and even his life here on earth, but never his blood-bought soul to the fires of Hell.
  • We believe God has called His children to a life of obedience, holiness, and separation from worldliness. We reject the notion of being called “legalistic” Christians. Legalism, or Judaic Christianity, is the keeping of the law unto salvation.
  • We believe in the pre-tribulation rapture of all believers, first of them who sleep in Christ, than of all who remain, who will be caught up in the clouds at the last trumpet.
  • We believe in a literal 7-year Tribulation period.
  • We believe in the autonomy of the local, independent, self-governing body of called out believers.